Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today I spent most of my day shopping around in hopes to be a bit more inspired in my dressing. I have a tendency to not follow the trends, but to take new things each season to add to my collection of clothes. I have spent enough time experimenting and I am happy to say I finally understand what works for me. Unfortunately this city has been seeming so unoriginal as of late. I swear every time I walk down the street or go out I see some stupid girl in a flannel, some denim shorts, tights and stripper shoes. Ah, not so inspiring to me. I went to the usual suspects, H&M, Urbz, etc. and couldn't help but feel that I was surrounded exactly by 'that girl'. I've been rockin' my flannel since my days of listening to hard core and baby doll dresses. Sorry, that girl, I will not be joining you with the stripper heels. Ya heard?


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sleepyhead said...

i like stripper heels. but in moderation.

and i get what you're saying because i see it too.

philly sucks, i want to move.

makemoremistakes said...

AH LOVE! and totally totally agree. I've been wearing flannel since it was totally un-cool. And yes FUCK THAT GIRL.