Thursday, September 4, 2008


This picture is making me want to cut off all my hair. How adorable is she? Not only is she rocking the awesome AA skirt we all have but her accessories are killer. The only thing about this photo that stands out as a bit off is the shoes, and its not because I don't like them. Her feet seriously look enormous! 

Image via Facehunter.


laia. said...

yeah im not growing my hair out anymore. as soon as i get paid im chopping it all off. im not a long hair kind of girl, i think its time i realize that.

also i love this girl.

up and down town said...

i love the whole thing but actually, i especially love the shoes. they make it really perfect. the size of feet do not matter - says a girl with big ones. ;)
that these shoes exaggerate the foot is part of their appeal though.