Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I tried on these Balenciaga boots today and had I bought them, I could have died a happy woman. I came home empty handed because I have a pair of Imitation of Christ boots that look almost the same, just more of a rounded toe. I can't wait to break them out and pretend I am wearing the Balenciaga version.


laia. said...

first of all: do you have those insanely awesome boots that tara subkoff did for easy spirit? because those were MAJOR

second: where did you try these? re they like 2 grand? omgggg

laia. said...

third of all: OMGGG

Enfievre said...

laia, yes i have those insanely awesome boots. they are the BEST BEST and now i feel even more excited about them. i tried them on at joan shepp which also had those dries shoes for $150 and the most ridiculous yohji skirt i have ever seen for crazy cheap.

laia. said...

I keep thinking that I should just call them and buy those shoes. I think about them everyday and I have a feeling that when I finally decide to buy them I am going to call and they won't have them anymore and I will be super pissed off.

Also, I can't wait to see those damn boots.

sleepyhead said...